Space Sim "The Black Beyond" v0.20


  • Implemented random events. Your decisions can have unintended choose carefully!
  • Implement a story system. Once your station grows enough, select a permanent corporate sponsor. Gain access to unique buildings as you help advance one faction's storyline.
  • Revamped construction shaders to work better with combined models and to improve performance
  • Fixed rotation. Press 'R' to rotate a structure after it has snapped to a connector.
  • Improved power management. When the base has no energy, construction will pause and energy-consuming structures will turn themselves off until enough power is stored to flicker back on. Still has a few bugs.

Most of this update has been dedicated to the technical and design groundwork around events. In addition to expanding the lore and settings, choice-based events can make the trade system more contextual -- the price of water didn't just explode for no reason, it did so because of a drought you decided to secretly start...

With solid building, trade, and story mechanics, future updates will focus on optimizations, fixes, and expansion. 

I will soon be promoting my game more aggressively as some final polish elements click into place, and will move the game from free to paid as I transition into the final stretches of development to finish this crazy thing! :)  

Next Update:

- Rework the trade goods UI 
- Implement more researchable unlocks
- Implement additional trade goods and factory structures 
- Add 'luxury' housing and expand commercial structures
- Additional story development
- Expanded trade ships / trade ship crews will dock and visit tavern
- Improved drone / construction controls

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Version 7 Apr 10, 2018

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