Cyberpunk Sci-fi Builder - 0.1.3

I am aggressively revamping the visuals and expanding mechanics. This update has many changes including new lighting & visuals and various changes to mechanics. I am moving The Black Beyond to a more cyberpunk-feel and emphasizing the sim/building aspects more than combat.

Next update will have a functional trade system, trains that travel through conduits, more goods, and more structures.

New features: 

  • Asteroids now have three different raw elements: carbon, water, and precious metals. 
  • New resources: precious metals, oxygen, hydrogen, kelp, and electronics 
  • Changes how resource incomes are calculated so that only energy is displayed as a "meter". -
  • New UI should be cleaner overall and provides more structure info. A new build menu shows model previews. 
  • New lighting and visuals. Expanded "core" now allows for limited mining. Updated some building looks, like the residential towers. 
  • New connector models -- I'm currently working on a train system that will run through the connectors for next update, giving the city a much more lived-in feel. 
  • Groundwork for trade system -- you'll notice a pair of ships warping next to the core. This will be functional in the next update.
  • Removed combat -- for now, you won't get attacked. While I may add combat back later, the amount of work required to make it good could be better spent expanding the economic and trade systems. 

New Structures: -

  • Kelp farm: produces kelp over time. Requires a worker drone to harvest. 
  • Electrolizer: uses electrolysis to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen. It requires a regular supply of water.

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Version 3 Feb 22, 2018

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