Cyberpunk Sci-fi Builder - 0.1.4

This week's update has quiet a lot as I've implemented a trading and research system. I wanted to have a tutorial back in place, but this will have to wait until the next update. 

With many of the core features now in place, I will be spending most of the next update on polish, performance, and expanding the available buildings and trade goods. I will be adding an autosave feature and clean up the saving/loading UI, which is pretty miserable right now. 

Beyond polish and bug fixes, I'll be working on the consumer side of the economy, next! As you attract more population, they will want to spend their hard-earned creds on various services like space-taverns or malls...this is the last main economic feature, so I'm excited to start working on it!


  • Buildings now highlight on mouseover, so that selection is a bit easier.
  • Building menu UI improvements
  • Some buildings are now locked
  • New upgrades screen -- purchase new structures from three different corporate factions
  • Added a trade feature. Adjust sliders in the new UI and goods will automatically be bought and sold. More improvements are coming next update!
  • Trader ships now periodically warp in and dock to buy and sell goods
  • Ships now have tooltips. Click on any ship to see its status, the good in its hold, and the good it wants to buy.
  • New smelter model -- looks more industrial
  • Building a residential structure will now attract passenger ships.
  • Revamped space port model and function -- build more space ports to attract more traders and passenger ships.
  • Drones bays now immediately add 3 additional worker drones. Build as many drone bays as you need to expand your worker drone fleet...
  • Fixed pooling issue with medium/large cities

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Version 4 Feb 28, 2018

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